This is the SCP Migration wiki, a site whose purpose is to explore, discuss, and plan the migration of the SCP Foundation wiki. This is, naturally, a work in progress about a work in progress. Anyone (whether staff or not) is free to post suggestions or questions in a wiki page or in the forum.

Current Configuration
At the moment, the new site is slated to run MediaWiki plus phpBB forum software, both running from a MySQL database. There is a MediaWiki extension which integrates authorization with phpBB user accounts— essentially making a single sign-on for both applications. However, there are issues with the extension that would need to be worked out. Also, there would need to be an extension created for rating articles, since there does not appear to be an existing extension that does what we want.

Of course, none of this is set in stone. We could use MediaWiki with another forum package, or MediaWiki with a forum extension (though the available forum extensions are, more or less, crap). Or we could go with a totally different wiki package/content management system. But, either way we go will take a lot of effort to get the new site where we want it to be.

These are the major requirements that would have to be fulfilled for the new wiki to stand a chance of success:

  • Page Ratings: since we would like to keep the current system of upvoting and downvoting to determine quality of articles, we would have to have an extension developed.
  • Discussion Threads: either an improvement on MediaWiki's native page threads, or an extension that creates a dedicated thread in an integrated forum (more likely, since we'll likely have an external forum alongside the wiki). Speaking of….
  • Forum Integration: either developing an extension (thus reinventing the wheel) or integrating the wiki with a standalone forum package (thus introducing user authentication and integration issues).

Assuming we stick with MediaWiki, all of these issues would need to be resolved by getting extensions developed. To get extensions developed, we would need to find someone (or, more likely, several someones) who can code in PHP and would be willing to volunteer their time and energy to develop said extensions.

The Wish List includes other features we would want. It also needs to be updated.

The Article Irregularities List includes articles that may require some work after migration due to the use of WikiDot coding, or other specific reasons.

The FAQ lists questions regarding the migration, answered or not.

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