Article Irregularities List

Articles that rely on WikiDot coding will definitely need to be corrected or re-written if there is no comparable mechanism. Examples include:

  • "Class" pages - the use of the module ListPages.
  • SCP-902 - the insertion of the readers name.
  • SCP-1231 - the constantly elevating number of thumbnails (currently done as the number of SCPs rated above +0).
  • SCP-1893 - random page viewing, the insertion of the readers name.
  • SCP-1173 - random page viewing.

Articles that include embed HTML or JavaScript coding - depending on the limitations of the new site may or may not require some work:

  • SCP-895 - The video feed - should not be an issue as it uses standard JavaScript. (Currently there is an issue.)
  • SCP-1D6-J - Probably won't be an issue - images point to onsite randomized links that can easily be moved offsite.

Articles that look problematic but probably are not an issue:

  • SCP-087 - Probably won't be an issue - images point to offsite randomized links. (Article did not translate correctly.)
  • SCP-228 - Probably won't be an issue - images point to offsite randomized links.

Articles that do not use standard object classes:

  • Dr. Mann's Proposal
  • Scantron's Proposal
  • SCP-732

Articles with non-standard formatting:

  • SCP-931
  • Dr. Gears' Proposal
  • mackenzie-s-proposal - uses WikiDot text formatting for colors.
  • SCP-940 - article used embedded HTML.

Articles with "hard links" (fully qualified addresses) instead of using WikiDot "locallinks"

  • "Class" pages - the use of the links to system tag pages.

Translation irregularities:

  • Wikidot modules. Suggestion: Create a tag for any article that have them for organized cleanup.
  • "Hard Links" not being translated. Suggestion: Translate to links but tag for organized cleanup.
  • SCP-1003 image was rescaled strangely.
  • Tables do not currently translate. see SCP-1979 for example. (Known issue.)
  • "6 dashes" not being translated as a horizontal rule.

Please note any other categories of issues. There is a high probability that ALL pages will have to be checked, even with Mackenzie's exceptional translation software.

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