Page Ratings

We like the upvote/downvote system. It's simple, unambiguous, and provides a quantifiable metric for article quality. Unfortunately, there does not appear to be an existing extension out there to allow users to upvote or downvote pages on the wiki. Now, there are extensions that let people rate pages on a one to ten scale, and there's an extension that lets people upvote or downvote an object (but without any way to sort or data-mine these votes), but not one that does what we want.

So: what do we want in a Page Rating module?

  • The ability to be easily added to a page.
  • Simple, clear interface ( + - X or similar), including the rating itself.
  • The ability to see who voted how for a given page.
  • Date and time stamps on votes.
  • The ability to sort pages by rating (highest rated, lowest rated, in the last seven days, whichever).

Unnecessary but nice to have:

  • The ability to list, with respect to a given user, which articles have been upvoted or downvoted by that user.
  • The ability when, if a user's account is banned or (possibly) deleted, to have the option to have all votes removed that are associated to that account.
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