User Base Migration

User Base Migration

One of the more serious issues will be the migration of the user base to the new system. Part of that issue will be validating the current UserIDs onto the new system. As there there is no external means of doing this currently (you cannot export through WikiDot, nor can you use it for external validation) I would suggest the following plan:

  1. Choose a "Transition Coordinator" - This person, working with Raven Mackenzie, would be responsible for creating a master list of all current WikiDot IDs, matched with an email address.
  2. The Transition Coordinator be posted with directions that anyone that is active send their valid email address to it. (Unless I'm missing something, this is about the only way to match an ID and an email.)
  3. Have the Transition Coordinator create a CSV for Raven Mackenzie, containing to seed the new userbase.
  4. When she's ready, an "I lost my password" can be sent to the email addresses on file. People sign up from that email.


  • One of the issues we currently have is "I wrote this two years ago and now I'm claiming it!" This will be worse after the migration. After a migration, owners can be more easily rematched to their work.
  • If we create a WikiDot ID just for this, the ID and Password can be held onto for those that show up every few months and may not realize we're moving.


  • Lots of manual work dumping each individual message.
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