Wish List

One of the goals of the site migration is to replicate as much of the current wiki environment as possible. Thus, there are a set of features that… while not necessarily requirements, their inclusion would make many, many people very happy.

  • Tags.
  • The ability to easily add/edit metadata to a page (such as original author or original post date).
    • This might be a pipe dream (should be), but I'd also like to see the object's nickname in the metadata, though not on the page itself. Have it up there at the top. With the rest of the data. Oh yeah. That's hot.
    • Maybe being able to show the new author if an article has been rewritten.
  • Definitely a pipe dream: Having multiple kinds of accounts.
  • The ability to upvote comments.
  • Internationalization/localization.
  • The ability to lock pages so only specific people or groups of people can edit them.
  • 'Recent posts' ability. (Hard mode: Separate recent posts page for forum and pages)
  • The ability to have multiple "polls" on a page. Thus, an article could have an overall score, a contest score, a "This should be used in the Spread project", etc.
  • The ability to send a private message to other users.
  • A simple wiki syntax for things like bolding and italicizing of text, links, etc.

Along with the things that MIGHT eventually be done, are the things that should be done and should be possible already.

  • Having the forum "Password Reset" page be listed near the "Create Account" page.

There's more that I can't think of because I'm about asleep.

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